Kentucky Kitty Cats, Inc.

About Us

Kentucky Kitty Cats, Inc. is a no-kill, nonprofit 501c3 charitable organization.

We have been helping felines since 2013. We assist pets and humans through adoption services, access to low cost spay/neuter, community outreach programs, educating pet owners, pet food pantry assistance, and other services as available.

Our Mission

To provide temporary shelter to stray, abandoned, and surrendered animals for the purpose of finding permanent suitable new homes, rescues, or sanctuaries.

To provide assistance and financial aid through grants, fundraisers, or donations to prevent overpopulation through spaying and neutering programs.

To educate the community of the benefits of spay and neuter surgeries.

To share low/no cost information options to general public.

To network other Kentucky no-kill rescue cats to no-kill groups that have the resources to help.

To distribute low cost food to community members assisting large number of felines or to low-income citizens in times of need.

Our Vision

Kentucky Kitty Cats will be a resource for felines and their families, addressing the issue of pet over-population by providing solutions through services and prevention through education.

We will strive to be professional, kind, and work with other    Kentucky agencies to rescue felines in need.  We will always do what is right by the animal!