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Welcome to the new Kentucky Kitty Cats, Inc. website! If you are good at web pages and want to volunteer a bit of time, please reach out to us. 

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We are off to a huge start for 2024. We have had 179 female cats spayed, 180 male cats neutered, and altered 16 dogs in the first two months of the year. We are trying to make vet care accessable to all animals.   Currently a cat neuter is $45 and a cat spay is $55, which includes the rabies vaccine.  Our Petco Love grant covers the $10 core vaccines at no cost to the owner.   This ta kes an enormous amount of time and funding. Cash is always  a struggle. Click the Thank You Sponsor link above to donate by P aypal link WITHOUT fees on either end.  Over 2,500 cats were spayed or neutered through our multi-county clinic in 2023. We want to give a shout out to everyone that supported our efforts!!!!

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We are a proud recipient of FREE...
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 vaccines for  private owned CATS and DOGS.

Please let us know if we can help you make sure all your furbabies are up to date on their vaccines.
Vaccines are available at any of our spay/neuter clinics listed under our events . #VaccinatedandLoved 

****This does not include rabies as that MUST be required by a licensed veterinarian.****  


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE vote here for here my giving circle  
to help us move to the top 10 places.

You can vote for free on My Giving Circle once every 7 days with EACH verified email until the end of each quarter. The next grant is decided December 30, 2023. We need ever person to vote every week to win!!! If we make it to the top 10, we will receive grant money for our spay/neuter program. 

Kroger You can support  us through yo ur Kroger Community Rewards. Not only does Kro ger strive to offer you co mpeti tive p r ices and fresh groceries, they are com mitted to supporting non-profits. If you take a few minutes to select Kentucky Kitty Cats as your charity, Kroger will donate to us each time you use your Kroger Plus card at NO COST to you. You simply need to go into your Kroger Account on a website or your app, click REWARDS , then click COMMUNITY AWARDS , and search for Kentucky Kitty Cats, Inc..

Not only does Walmart allow charities to post wi s h list through their Spark  Good program, they allow you an easy way to do nate between 1 and 99 cents when you shop online or through th eir app. You simply go to your account , click GIVING AND IMPACT ,
and select a charity such as Kentucky Kitty Cats, Inc.. 

spark good It DOES NOT automatically donate with a purchase, but i will give you the option with a check box on the final screen to include a donation to make your purchase round up to the next dollar.
NO OTHER platform allows you to donate less than a dollar without fees. We promise, we can stretch your pocket change out a long way to help vet homeless animals. 


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